School Education is the most crucial period in person’s life as it lays the strong foundation for the successful future of the person. Quality education is that which provides everything that caters the scholastic and nonscholastic requirements along with the social and environmental consciousness in a child. A child must be able to approach teaching –learning process as a pleasurable activity. For this the teaching staff should be professionally skilful, knowledgeable in subject and the affairs happening in and around, and should be with dedication to work for the welfare of the students and the institution with integrity and sinceriety. The various activities, studies and the environment of the school must be able to make the students feel the school as a second home. They must be groomed with a good awareness about the need of hygiene, self respect, discipline and sense of responsibility. As they grow up from KG classes to the higher classes, they must show the grade wise improvements in their scholastic, personal and communication skills. I believe that school education becomes successful, if it succeeds in developing its students to good human beings with academic excellence, effective communication, independent thinking and civic sense.