A Trust named Lake Mount Educational Society was formed in 1999 with the vision of creating an effective educational environment that provides quality education to all sectors of children from Kattikkunnu and the nearby rural areas. Thus the Lake Mount Public School was conceived in 2000 with 127 students and with the CBSE recognition. The school progressed well in strength and purpose under the guidance of eminent Professors who are the Trust members. One among them was Prof.P.Ravindranath Panickar, the Secretary. Under his leadership the school reached a highly appreciable level of excellence and has become one among the top schools in Kottayam district. Though his sad untimely demise makes a gap, the rare foresight, perseverance and responsibility of Shri. M.Anand, the President of the Lake Mount Educational Society and Manager of the Lake Mount Public School enables the School to strive forth with determination to achieve further growth and excellence.